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ProIntegration Tech
Hi-Tech Building
Smart City
Pavilion №2
Booth: HTB-16 Skolkovo
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech, Hi-Tech Building
Address: 127474,
Phone: +7 (499) 940-40-10
Trademarks: Alphalogic
Компания ALPHAOPEN – ведущий Российский разработчик программного обеспечения для решений класса “Интеллектуальное здание” и “Ситуационный центр”, объединяющих управление информационными и инженерно-техническими системами: комплексная безопасность, инженерные системы, связь, мультимедиа, решающих задачи повышения эффективности управления инфраструктурой, энергоэффективности, а также создающих множество современных сервисов на основе инфраструктуры.
Booth: 106
Armada Sound
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech
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Address: 109052, Москва, Нижегородская ул, д. 29-33, строение 7
Phone: +7 (495) 259-62-59
Trademarks: Sonus Faber, McIntosh Laboratory
Armada Sound является эксклюзивным дистрибьютором
всего ассортимента продукции холдинга McIntosh Group, а также компании Thorens, Bassocontinuo и Synergistic Research на территории Российской Федерации.

В пакет брендов Armada Sound входят торговые
- McIntosh Laboratory, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Sumiko Cartridges, Bassocontinuo, Thorens, Synergistic Research.

Pavilion №2
Booth: S-04
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech
Address: 129085, Москва, Звездный бульвар, д. 21, корп. 1.
Phone: +7 (495) 797-57-75
Site: www.auvix.ru
AUVIX is a project distributor of PRO AV and telecommunication equipment with one of the largest ranges of professional solutions on the Russian market. The company offers high-qualified technical and commercial support as well. AUVIX product portfolio includes projectors, professional displays, projection screens, interactive products, control & management systems,sound solutions, Digital Signage and telecommunication systems.
Pavilion №2
Booth: -
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech
AVREPORT.ru – online internet magazine about audio and video techniques. The magazine combines such advantages of traditional editions and informational online projects as implementation and publication of own independent technique tests results, original essays, informational articles, thematic exhibitions reports, materials of technique producers, interviews, and other interesting information. AVREPORT.ru magazine published in open access for every reader who does not have to search it in kiosk and pay for. Publication of own and original materials – is the basic conception of the magazine.
Pavilion №2
Booth: -
Exposition: Hi-Tech Building
Address: 196006, POB 20, St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 331-12-60, +7 (499) 232-60-38
Avtoritet.Net is russian information web-portal for all who professionally are interested in object's security and safety. THe offers and wishes of portal visitors and partners are the reference points. Avtoritet.Net gives the chance for companies to publish news releases, announcements and reports of events, compaigns, competitions etc.
Pavilion «Forum»
Booth: -
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech, Hi-Tech Building
Address: 127015, Moscow, Off. 1110, building 1, 5а, Novodmitrovskaya street
Phone: +7(499) 519-64-85
The portal www.btest.ru publishes everything that is necessary for the selection and operation of household appliances and electronics - news, tests, reviews, opinions. In publications, new technologies and service functions of home appliances are analyzed and compared. Laboratory tests and personal experience of use help make a more accurate choice. Master classes and professional advice tell the users of the site how to better equip their house.
Pavilion №2
Booth: S-08
Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech
Booth: -
ComNews Group
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech, Hi-Tech Building
Address: 2/1 V. Krasnoselskaya str., building 1, 107140, Mosсow, Russia 22, Moskovsky Pr., office 36N, 190013, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 933-5483
ComNews is an independent group of companies with a history of leadership in the market of telecom, IT and broadcasting business information in Russia, CIS and emerging markets. The group was established in 1998 and today consists of five companies in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, rendering publishing, research, consultancy and eventing services. ComNews Group has over 70 fulltime employees. ComNews audience exceeds 150,000 industry professionals and mostly consists of top-managers from diverse telecom business (mobile & fixed communications, Internet, digital TV, corporate networks, and multiple convergent services). The key competence of ComNews is to produce and distribute original content with a guarantee of quality and efficient audience reach.
Booth: -
Control Engineering Russia
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech, Hi-Tech Building
Address: 190121, Saint-Petersburg, Sadovaya st., 122
Phone: +7 (812) 438-1538, +7 (495) 987-3720
Control Engineering Russia covers the automation market, which designs, implements, maintains, and manages control/instrumentation systems, components, and equipment in manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries such as: Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Electric Utilities, Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Semiconductor, Paper Products, Automotive, Aerospace, Appliances, Electrical/Electronics, OEM, Production, Machinery. Subscription indexes of Control Engineering magazine: «Rospechat agency» 70547.
Pavilion №2
Booth: №6, зал ТУЧКОВ, 3 этаж
Exposition: ProIntegration Tech
Address: 111024, Moscow, Of.2, korp.1, 11A, shosse Entuziastov
Phone: +7 (495) 363-48-88
Trademarks: BARCO, NEXT proaudio, Clay Paky, LiteLess, Meyer Sound, Panasonic, Donview, Sonnoc, Hotion, Robert Juliat, Diello, ROLY, Audiocenter, Appotronics, BenQ, Bristage, FIX, Viewscreen
CTC CAPITAL is one of the leading distribution companies in the Russian market of presentation equipment.
CTC CAPITAL's modern brand portfolio includes more than 50 brands from recognized industry leaders with many years of experience in the development and production of high-quality equipment. The company's key partners are located in more than 10 countries around the world.