NEW: PORTA app for access control

NEW: PORTA app for access control

Check all access to your premises from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Anytime and from anywhere.

Thanks to the new free of charge customizable PORTA app you can consult a detailed report of all actions on your access readers.

If desired, you can also apply a filter to be able to consult only the notifications of a certain person at a particular time.

TELETASK also expands CARDSOFT up to 500 users with different functionalities assigned to each person. John and Jacqueline have access all the time, just like the kids. But the gardener can only open the main gate on mornings between 7 and 11 am.

When the cleaning lady arrives, she gets access and an E-mail is sent. The kids come home and an additional SMS is sent to the parents, etc...

CARDSOFT enables you to manage the access rights of individual users or groups of users both in private, professional and mixed environments. Changes can be made locally or from remote site (IP).

Full integrated home automation. TELETASK access control is about comfort, safety and energy management.

CARDSOFT is free of charge with every TELETASK system.

Please contact your TELETASK distributor or send a mail for more information to

17 September, Hi-Tech Building