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Smart City Project includes

  • Join Smart City Booth is a wonderful opportunity to show Smart technologies and solutions. Participation in The Joint Smart City Booth help to start and expand your business in Russia and CIS.

  • Smart City Forum

The Basic ideas of Smart City Project

Smart cities make life infinitely easier. From smart street lighting, traffic flow management, video surveillance to public participation, the opportunities for energy savings, better efficiency, greater security, and voter satisfaction are enormous.

  • Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a building management system or building automation system.

  • Intelligent Transport Systems is a complex state-of-the art system for monitoring and managing road traffic and public transport, including traffic lights with intelligent controls.

  • Traffic Enforcement Systems are systems of road cameras detecting traffic regulation violations (such as speeding, unauthorized use of a bus lane) with automated processing and ticketing system.

  • Emergency Services Management is a system for control and operation of emergency services vehicles.

  • е-Government solutions are ubiquitous today. Russia as the largest country in the world, spanning 11-time zones and 85 regions, is naturally conduced to use the world’s most advanced е-Government solutions that work across diverse physical and digital terrains.

  • e-Healthcare is the system comprises an electronic registry, citizens health record, prescription and laboratory services.

  • e-Education is a digital environment for teachers, parents and pupils. A platform solution which allows to create number of applications in the field of e-Education.

  • Smart Street Lighting is urban lightning system with network of controller-equipped LED lights and management software. Intelligent controls based on either predefined schedules or in response to incoming data yield significant cost savings.

  • Utility Management is system to acquire, keep and analyze data on city’s energy expenditure. It monitors and forecasts energy consumption across the city and different utilities, and issues bills to individual consumers.

The target audience of Smart City Project

  • Representatives of the Russian Federation Government

  • Real estate developers and building designers

  • Manufacturers and distributors

  • System integrators

  • Real estate owners

  • Investment companies

Participation in Smart City Project includes

  • Fully equipped working space inside of the Join Smart City Booth

  • Meeting area (tables and chairs)

  • Information about the company in the exhibition catalogue and on the exhibition website

  • Information about the company in the Smart City Project e-mail invitations

For participation please contact

Anastasia Zemlyanskaya az@midexpo.org

Kristina Drobnitskaya kristina@midexpo.org